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The U.S. Department of Education is currently accepting applications for the 2007 Jacob K. Javits Fellowship program. Each year, about 70 students seeking doctoral degrees in the fine arts and humanities receive tuition and a need-based stipend through the program. In 2005, the tuition payment was $11,822 and the maximum stipend was $30,000. Additionally, grant winners can renew their stipend for up to four years.

The application deadline is in October. Applicants come from many fields, including theater, creative writing and history. Nonclinical psychology students who have not yet completed their first year of graduate school are also eligible to apply.

According to psychologist Stephen A Rollin, EdD, who reviews psychology applications for the program, the strongest candidates are students who have a specific research focus and a proven history of academic excellence.

-S. Dingfelder

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