Money Matters

A new APA initiative--one of the presidential initiatives of APA President Gerald P. Koocher, PhD--promises to make information about loan-repayment programs more accessible. The Psychology Career Support Initiative has consolidated information about loan-repayment programs and training funds in one spot on APA's Funding Web site.

Loans represent a significant hardship, says APA Board of Directors Member Thomas J. DeMaio, PhD, a private practitioner and adjunct professor at the University of Virginia who chairs the initiative.

"Early-career psychologists are at a time in life when they're trying to get their careers and families going," says DeMaio. "If we can help them with that transition, it makes it less of a hardship."

In the future, DeMaio plans for the initiative to advocate for greater psychololgist involvement in and expansion of such programs.

-R.A. Clay