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Three years ago, clinical psychology graduate students Adam Brown and Daniel Antonius started a psychology journal for and by students at the New School for Social Research in New York. Now they are opening up the New School Psychology Bulletin's editorial board to any psychology student who would like to gain experience shepherding a paper through the peer-review process or serving as a reviewer.

"Editing and peer-reviewing require critical thinking and reading," says Brown. "This [journal] is a great way to develop these skills early on."

Students who volunteer to serve as peer-reviewers receive about four manuscripts each year, he notes. Additionally, the semi-annual journal is now looking for submissions from psychology students from any university, including those who have never before circulated their findings beyond their professors, says Brown. Students with new research, research proposals or literature reviews are all welcome to send in their manuscripts.

"If you are looking to submit research to a relatively visible peer-reviewed publication, you can submit to us," Brown says.

-S. Dingfelder

Information on upcoming issues and further details about volunteering can be found at