Cover Story

Early-career psychologist Mona M. Amer, PhD, accepted the 2006 APAGS/APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions by a Graduate Student at APA's 2006 Annual Convention in New Orleans. The award honors students who work with underserved populations in an applied setting.

Amer came to the University of Toledo from Egypt to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology, which she earned in 2005 after completing her internship at Yale University. Since 9/11, her work has focused on the mental health needs of Arab and Muslim-American populations. She has established cultural competence curriculums for social service providers who work with Muslims and Arabs, coordinated outreach programs for Muslim Americans and conducted the largest national acculturation and mental health study of Arab Americans. Amer is the 2005 recipient of the APA Minority Fellowship Program's two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. She currently works at Yale University's Program for Recovery and Community Health, where her research and policy efforts focus on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in behavioral health through culturally competent, recovery-oriented care. For more on Amer, see "Investigating the pain of integration" in the January 2005 issue of gradPSYCH. For information on this annual award, visit the APA Practice Directorate Web site.

-J. Chamberlin