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APA's Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs awarded psychologists Maryam Kia-Keating, PhD, and Janna L. Kim, PhD, its 2006 Jeffrey S. Tanaka Memorial Dissertation Awards in Psychology for outstanding dissertation research that benefits ethnic minorities. Both winners received their awards at APA's 2006 Annual Convention in New Orleans.

Kia-Keating earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Boston University this year. She is a postdoctoral scholar in the University of California, San Diego, psychology department and an adjunct psychology professor at the University of San Diego. She completed her dissertation, "Refugee Youth in Resettlement: Exposure of War and Protective Factors," through a three-year research fellowship at the Center for Medical and Refugee Trauma at Boston Medical Center. Kia-Keating's study focused on the mental health and social adjustment of Somali refugee adolescents who resettled in the United States.

Kim earned her doctorate in developmental psychology from the University of Michigan in 2005, and recently completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality in San Francisco. For her dissertation, "Sexual Socialization Among Asian Americans: A Multimethod Examination of Cultural Influences," Kim explored the developmental challenges faced by many Asian-American youth as they negotiate competing cultural messages about sexuality from families, peers and the media. In August, she joined the department of child and adolescent studies at California State University, Fullerton, as an assistant professor.

-J. Chamberlin

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