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Experts offer the following tips to networking:

  • Do have business cards that include your name, contact information, doctoral status and, if applicable, list your master's degree, research interests and Web site.

  • Don't ask directly for a job. Instead, say you are looking for opportunities or career advice and ask if they have any suggestions about people you should contact.

  • Do keep track of the people you meet, such as by creating a filing system for business cards and contact information.

  • Don't be over the top with your flattery of the other person. People know when they are being snowed.

  • Do dress professionally, make eye contact and use a firm handshake.

  • Don't be intimidated by a title or reputation.

  • Do send a thank-you note if someone has helped you. It's a turnoff when someone spends time answering your questions and then receives no acknowledgement.