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As if the national Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) weren't enough, many states require additional tests--which often come with additional costs--to become fully licensed. Here's a sampling:

  • Arkansas: You'll have to pass an oral examination, given four times a year, covering APA ethics and the rules and regulations of the Arkansas Psychology Board. You'll pay $200 when you take the exam. However, this is a one-time cost assessed for licensure, not for the exam.

  • California: You must pass the California Psychology Supplemental Examination, taken via computer at a contracted test center. The exam, which costs $129, consists of 115 multiple-choice questions on crisis and clinical assessment and evaluation, treatment interventions and legal and ethical standards.

  • Florida: You'll have to pass the Florida Laws and Rules examination via computer at a local test center. This $75 exam consists of 45 multiple-choice questions on state statutes.

  • Indiana: If you're applying for licensure in Indiana, you'll need to pass the Indiana state jurisprudence exam before you're authorized to take the EPPP. The multiple-choice and true-false test covers the statutes and rules of the Indiana State Psychology Board. The exam's cost is included in the fees assessed by the state board for the EPPP.

  • Maryland: You'll need to sign up for the monthly Maryland State Exam, which costs $200 and tests students on laws affecting psychology practice in Maryland.

-A. Cynkar

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