Matters to a Degree

This is an exciting year for APAGS as we celebrate our 20th anniversary and have an opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and plan for the future.

APAGS has gone through a number of changes since its inception-adding and removing leadership positions, increasing staff and expanding the roles of both-all in an effort to create a governance structure and an APAGS office to best meet students' current and emerging needs. Throughout all of the changes, one thing has remained constant: a handful of committed, energetic, talented and visionary students and staff, dedicated to advocating and representing psychology students.



APAGS is your professional home within APA, the world's largest organization dedicated to the science and practice of psychology. As an APAGS member, you become part of a dynamic and supportive network of those who represent psychology's future. APAGS members benefitfrom an extensive array of programs, resources and opportunities that are designed to enhance your graduate school experience and help launch your career.


APAGS is a student's most trusted source for academic and professional development resources. Whether you aspire to be a practitioner, bench scientist, researcher or scientist-practitioner, APAGS offers the resources you need to move from the classroom into a practicum, internship, lab and beyond. Some of our most popular resources include, "The APAGS Practicum Resource Guide"; Psych Careers; and, of course, this magazine!



Graduate school can sometimes feel isolating, particularly as you move from stimulating classroom exchanges to immersion in research and dissertation preparation. APAGS provides meaningful opportunities to connect with other students and the broader psychological community. Participating on discussion lists focused on internship, the dissertation process, mentoring, ethnic-minority topics, women's issues, or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) concerns, or joining one of APAGS's mentoring programs, can help you stay connected. The Division Student Representative Network helps student leaders develop their leadership skills and share information and lessons learned.

Each year APAGS provides extensive programming at APA's Annual Convention, which includes conversation hours, social activities and networking events. APAGS sessions are presented by both students and eminent psychologists on a wide range of topics including internship preparation, salary negotiations and dissertations.



APAGS stays at the forefront of the issues students care most about and prepares students to advocate for psychology-friendly legislation. Our proven ability to mobilize students in every state has demonstrated repeatedly that students are an important and influential voice in the policy arena. The foundation of APAGS advocacy activities is the Advocacy Coordinating Team, which includes hundreds of graduate students from across the country working to ensure that students play an active role in shaping state and federal policy.

Similarly, APAGS monitors internship imbalance issues through close working relationships with organizations, such as the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers and advocates for appropriate pay for interns through legislative advocacy such as the Campus Care and Counseling Act.



We are committed to representing all students while emphasizing the unique needs and concerns of groups such as women, ethnic minorities, LGBT students, international students, nontraditional students and those with disabilities.

Many opportunities exist for students to become involved in APAGS leadership through elected and appointed governance positions. These student leaders meet with APAGS staff at various times throughout the year to help plan the APAGS agenda.



Watch the APAGS Web site at for information about many of the special activities planned throughout the year to help recognize and celebrate APAGS's 20 years of accomplishments and the future of psychology!

Associate Executive Director, APAGS