September 2008 | Vol. 6 No. 3

Man dressed for fencing.

COVER PACKAGE: Foil the doldrums

Grad students rely on sports and other strategies to stay motivated.

  • Making time for pastimes

    These students turn to extracurricular activities for stress relief and even inspiration.

  • Revive your drive

    Six empirically supported techniques for getting excited about grad school again.

Abstract of computer data


Crossing cultures

Improved research techniques are uncovering rich data about diverse populations.

Postgrad growth area: Quantitative psychology

Psychologists who specialize in developing new research methods and analyszing complex data are in hot demand - and low supply.

Quantitative psychology resources


Diving into family therapy

Graduate student Lauren Zimmerman got her feet wet working with dolphins and children with disabilities.

Dolphin controversy
Computer mouse connected to data


Cool tools for school

Move over rat maze; take a seat pen-and-paper survey. Psychology researchers are employing digital-age gadgets and techniques to simplify studies, manage mass data and even improve patient care. Here's a look a ttheir costs, uses and pitfalls.

Information gold mines

Large-scale databases are free, acesssible and provide great research fodder.

Making the move

How students, postdocs and interns find a great place to call home.