November 2008 | Vol. 6 No. 4

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COVER PACKAGE: Be wise: revise

Tips from the experts on taking your papers from good to great.

  • Craft a winning manuscript

    Bogged down with your research paper or dissertation? Here's how to make your writing and editing more manageable.

  • The art of revision

    Take an inside peek at how two students perfected their publications during the review process.

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Licensure roadblocks

Students work at the state level to eliminate the requirement for a postdoctoral year.

Postgrad growth area: Occupational health psychology

These psychologists improve employee health and companies' bottom lines.

Aircraft carrier at sunset


Becoming a Navy psychologistPsychology at sea

For the first time, a Navy psychology doctoral student trains aboard a deployed aircraft carrier.

The experience hunter

As a psychology undergraduate student and beyond, Scott Thompson didn't wait for opportunity to knock--he tracked it down.

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Preparing for the possibilityMaking small talk

Experts share secrets for sparking great discussions in the tiniest of classes.

Earn your turn

Here's how to get time with expensive brain scan equipment.

Coping with a client's suicide

It's traumatic for any psychologist, but especially for graduate students. With the right support, you can weather and learn from this difficult experience.

Stand and deliver

Shine at the lectern with these tips for TA success.

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Need a loan? Shop now and borrow smart.Shrinking student loans

The mortgage crisis is reverberating in the student lending industry, but funding is still available.