Chair's Corner

I'd like to use this installment of the Chair's Corner to share my visions for the year. Four areas that I plan to focus on are advocacy, social justice, leadership and communication.

APAGS has consistently taken the lead in advocating for graduate student needs and concerns. A particularly pressing issue for today's graduate students is the internship imbalance. As your chair, I will continue to push for more sites for graduate students. In the fall, I met with representatives from APA, the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers and each of the five training councils to discuss this issue and encourage them to establish more APA-approved and funded sites. From this meeting, we developed plans to create more internship positions at currently accredited sites and increase advocacy for internship training funding.

Awareness and attendance to social justice issues is imperative as our profession and our world becomes increasingly diverse. As such, we must recognize and analyze issues of diversity, multiculturalism and privilege as they relate to the science and practice of psychology. Beyond opening up dialogues around these issues, I plan to create opportunities for APAGS members to share some of their experiences and work, and to further increase diversity in education and training.

Also essential for the future health of psychology is the development of a leadership pipeline. We must foster future leaders who reflect the diversity of the populations we serve and the work we do. This means encouraging student leaders from historically marginalized groups and a range of psychology subfields within science and practice. There are multitudes of ways to get involved with APAGS. I encourage all members to contact me and other APAGS leaders and to routinely visit the APAGS Web site and listservs to explore leadership opportunities.

I also aim to improve communication among APAGS members. Advances in technology have afforded us a unique opportunity to improve information dissemination, share resources and connect with one another in virtual communities. As you can see from recent additions to the APAGS Web site, APAGS is working hard to provide you with the most current and relevant information for graduate psychology students. Throughout the year, we will continue to explore and add technologies that will enhance your APAGS Web experience. This includes video features, blogs and timely, relevant information.

As the largest association for graduate students worldwide, APAGS is your professional community. As with many communities, we are only as strong as our members. Your feedback and ideas on how our community can grow stronger are encouraged. Feel free to e-mail with suggestions. We want to hear from you.

By Konjit V. Page
APAGS chair

The above was adapted from the APAGS Chair's Corner.