The latest

In December, 69 percent of APA members voted to give students an official seat on the 12-member APA Board of Directors, which guides the association's policy and budget priorities. For the past five years, the APAGS chair has served the board in an advisory role, but now the chair will have a formal vote.

Students sought the seat to ensure that their concerns would be well-represented in APA governance, says APAGS Associate Executive Director Nabil Hassan El-Ghoroury, PhD.

"It's a win for grad students because it gives them a fully participatory voice at the top table," he says. "Given that students are one-third of the membership, we want APA to develop programs and policies that will benefit students and which will eventually benefit the entire organization."

In February, APAGS Chair Konjit V. Page attended her first Board of Directors meeting.

—S. Dingfelder