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Sound off: You might be a psychology graduate student if ...

Elizabeth Salib: "You're having fun analyzing data on a Saturday night."

Laura Luna: "When you argue with your significant other, your insults all come from the DSM."

Latisha Ross: "You know when you are ruminating."

Jenna Bee: "You discuss the merits of a Skinnerian-style utopia when drunk."

Joy Sweet: "You are suddenly having symptoms of the psychoses you are studying."

Shawna Kirby: "Your husband keeps asking you to speak in more simple language after you've been working on your dissertation for too long."

Hunter Laura: "You sleep in the lab almost as often as you do in your bed at home."

Alicia Estrada: "Your significant other and family remind you that they are not clients."

Kelli Vaughn-Blount: "Medical doctors look shocked when they find out how long your program is."

Michelle Viecili: "The reading material in your bathroom consists of academic journals."