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Sound off: Which historical figure would you most like to psychoanalyze?

Rebecca Tinucci Graiber: "Edgar Allan Poe. He's dark, smart, clever, weird, demented. I would love to know how his genius came about."

Sau Keng: "Albert Einstein. I wonder what he had in his unconscious mind that could be the motivation or energy for his great conscious mind."

Bridgid Conn: "Jack the Ripper. It would be fascinating to understand his childhood and family life, as well as the experiences and catalysts leading to his decision to murder."

Mark Price: "The pope. Anyone who thinks they are divine is always interesting."

Molly Elizabeth: "The European royals of the Hapsburg empire. To see their palaces is to see decadence and overabundance."

Rosalina Merryman: "Fidel Castro. I want to know why a lawyer whose family was well-off had these delusions of power and has kept his people hungry and in poverty for 50 years."

Research as haiku

This summer, gradPSYCH asked readers to summarize their research in a 17-syllable poem. This was one of our favorites.

Trying to stay sane
While helping others to cope
With insanity

— Radha Carlson
University of Miami, clinical psychology