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Research as haiku

This summer, gradPSYCH asked readers to summarize their research in 17-syllable poems. These were two of our favorites.

Kids' waists expanding,
Family interaction
must influence this

Shanda Wells
Midwestern University,
clinical psychology

Hey, gifted Asians,
Lots of challenge, lots of stress,
How can we help you?

— Zeb Kai Kok Lim
University of Kansas,
counseling psychology


The article "The new student leaders" (September gradPSYCH) incorrectly stated that APAGS subcommittee chairs are appointed by the APAGS associate executive director. They are actually appointed by the APAGS executive committee.

Sentences you will never read in a published paper

"We were totally surprised it worked!"

"We just thought it'd be a neat thing to do."

"I'm only doing this to get tenure."


"Previous work by XXX et al. is actually pretty good!"

"To be honest, we came up with the hypothesis after doing the experiment."

"The results are just OK."

"Future work will ... ah, who are we kidding? We won't get more funding to do this."

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