November 2010 | Vol. 8 No. 4

November 2010 GradPsych

COVER PACKAGE: Mixing it up

  • Mixing it up

    What are the pros and cons of aligning yourself with a hybrid field?

Nurture supervisees


How to nurture your supervisees

Learning how to lead people will help you throughout your career.

Student activists


Meet the activists

These three students are righting wrongs while writing dissertations.

From 'aloha' to 'namaste'

Psychology students from Brigham Young University–Hawaii visited India this summer to evaluate a school that serves some of the country's poorest children.

Game on

Psychology student Veronica Zammitto is making video games even more fun.

Unaccredited internship


What would an unaccredited internship mean for your future?

The dearth of accredited internships may be driving more students to take unaccredited slots — sometimes to the detriment of their future career flexibility.

Sink or skim?

Tackle that endless pile of books and journal articles with the help of these reading tips.

Manage the masses

Tips and tricks to keep expanding classes engaged and under control without sacrificing your time and sanity.

Beat the cheat

Graduate student instructors and teaching assistants provide a first line of defense against intellectually dishonest undergrads.

Odd jobs


Will work for education

Students share their experiences moonlighting as house painters, dissertation coaches and even guinea pigs.

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