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Sound off: What have you had to give up to be a grad student?

Tarah Rogowski Martos (Florida State University): "Having children before I'm 30."

Ana L. Clavell (Carlos Albizu University): "Economic independence; better income."

Emily Anderson (Pacifica Graduate Institute): "Sanity!"

Keith Milstead (Walden University): "My social life."

David Nathan (University of Saint Thomas): "Time in the evenings."

David Neale-Lorello (American University): "When most people are putting the finishing touches on their retirement savings, I'll be putting my daughter through college and trying to pay off my own student loans. Still worth it, though!"

Angie Rullo Colaiezzi (Immaculata University): "Money, extensive traveling and sleep. I haven't given anything else up, just finally mastered the art of prioritizing!"

Kim Anderson (Wheaton College): "Full-time job as elementary school teacher with great insurance benefits, owning my own home ... basically a LIFE!"

Jennifer Rodi (Capella University): "I am not giving up anything — time management is critical, but I recognize that I wanted to pursue this, and anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

Teresa Wilkins (Loyola University Maryland): "A clean house."

Neillee Kratochwill (Cambridge College): "I am giving up a career path I did not like for one I love!"

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