January 2011 | Vol. 9 No. 1

January 2011 gradPSYCH

COVER PACKAGE: Men in psychology: A growing minority?

  • Men: A growing minority?

    Women earning doctoral degrees in psychology outnumber men three to one. What does this mean for the future of the field?

Big picture


Remember the big picture

Crafting and continuously honing your career plans can help make your dreams a reality.

Service, in plain clothes

Most psychologists who work for the military are actually civilians — and job opportunities for them abound.

Postgrad growth area: Translational science

Psychologists who can speed the transition from basic research to real-world applications are in demand.



A student of relationships

Lisa Jaremka is passionate about social psychology research.

Research in Indian Country

An innovative program at the University of North Dakota is training students to conduct ethical research with native populations and nurturing the next generation of scientists — many of whom are Native American themselves.

Dating dilemma


The dating dilemma

Do psychology graduate students know too much about love and relationships for their own good? Or does that extra insight help?

Answer these 5

Know the answers to these top five questions to ace your internship interviews.


What it tells us, and what it doesn't.

The perfect poster

Experts reveal the art behind displaying your science.

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