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A new APA database called PsycTESTS will offer several thousand tests, measures and psychological scales — as well as research on their validity and reliability — beginning in June.

The database will be a significant benefit for students and other researchers who are conducting research for their dissertation and coursework projects because it resolves a persistent problem they face in research: The difficulty of finding testing instruments online.

"[As a result,] people created tests over and over again because they can't find what they need," says Linda Beebe, APA's senior director for PsycINFO, APA's abstract database.

Among the tests PsycTESTS will include are the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, the Posttraumatic Cognitions Inventory, the Discontinuation-Emergent Signs and Symptoms Scale and the Life Orientation Test-Revised.

Along with a copy of the actual test, the database records will describe each test, plus information about the instrument's validity and reliability, its purpose, how it is administered, how long it takes to complete and which populations it is designed and normed for. Each record will also include links to the full-text articles describing the development or evaluation of the test or measure.

As of November, about 3,000 tests and measures were included in the database, and it will continue to expand as new measures are developed and existing tests are submitted for inclusion.

Pricing for access to the database for APA members and student affiliates hasn't been determined yet. Academic libraries are expected to make it available to students and researchers.

If you're a student who has developed a test that you'd like to submit for inclusion, contact Lynn Willis, PsycINFO content development manager.

—C. Munsey