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Sound off: What class is missing in your psychology curriculum?

Gisela Padrón (Nova Southeastern University): "How to Run a Private Practice."

Vincent Ciaccio (Rutgers University): At the rate our economy is going, "Advanced Methods in Panhandling."

Jennifer Jean Solin (Argosy University, Twin Cities): "Becoming Affiliated with Insurance Companies as a Preferred Provider."

David Statman (St. John's University): "Geropsychology and End-of-Life Issues."

Shauna Summers (Illinois State University): "Grant-writing" and some basics on office politics would be good.

Holly Hart (Adler School of Professional Psychology): "Business Training and Clinic/Hospital Administration."

Scott Nelson (Alliant International University, Los Angeles): "Working with Victims of Cults or Similar Coercive Groups That Use Thought Reform Techniques."

Neillee Kratochwill (Cambridge College): "Self-care!"

Psychiatric symptom or metal band?

  1. Apraxia 

  2. Aphagia 

  3. Anhedonia 

  4. Ataxia 

  5. Body Rocking

  6. Dysthymia

  7. Synesthesia

  8. Tachycardia

  9. Tardive Dyskinesia

Symptom only: 5

Both: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9

—S. Dingfelder

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