November 2011 | gradPSYCH

Vol. 9 No. 4
gradPSYCH November 2011

On the Cover: Can women strut their stuff like men?

  • Are men better at selling themselves?

    To get ahead as a psychology researcher self-promotion is key and can be accomplished by outlining accomplishments, not boasting, and taking a third-person perspective.

Workplace wellness


Postgrad growth area: Designing workplace wellness programs

Companies are investing money in wellness programs such as on-site medical screenings and low-cost vaccinations, group exercise programs and mental health services to improve productivity and reduce health-care costs.

Using social media in your research

Social media allow researchers to unobtrusively study how people behave in real life.

Are you really ready for private practice?

To prepare for the private practice path, experts advise you to gain experience, develop a specialty, watch what market trends are gaining, create a plan, develop new talents and believe in yourself.

Junk food (credit: Dwight Cendrowski)


Fighting food addiction

Yale University graduate student Ashley Gearhardt has found connections between substance abuse and food cravings, and is pioneering a new field along the way.

Graduate students take on Capitol Hill

Psychology graduate students lobbied for two programs, GPE and MFP, that need psychology's support because they are threatened with severe cuts.

Grad school traps


Grad school traps

Graduate students, early career psychologists and other experts share their biggest mistakes on the journey toward their doctorate.

Study smart

Make the most of your study time by spacing out when you study, mixing up the subjects, and testing yourself.

Midlife grad students

Older graduate students receive school benefits such as online and night courses, day care, study groups and orientation sessions.

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