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Vanessa Carolina: "Having ongoing headaches from all the reading you have to do."

Vincent Ciaccio: "That there is no such thing as 'time off.' Summers, winters, nights, weekends ... you can always be doing something. And most of the time, you have to be."

Sheretta Joseph: "Everyone assuming you are automatically a licensed psychologist and ready for services, or that you're a psychic or psychiatrist."

Katie Kavanaugh: "I'm in the behavioral analysis world, and I hate that everyone thinks we turn children into robots. We don't, trust me."

Kelly MacKenzie: "Being tied to my email at all times. Goodness knows if I step away for an hour I'll come back to 20 urgent emails."

Wanda Velazquez Mendez: "Having no life at all, but I still love it!"

Anita Pedersen: "Not being properly compensated for our work."

Becca Stephens: "Family/friends who still don't really understand what you're studying."

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