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Big footsteps (credit: Chris Clinton)"Joe realized that those times when there was only one giant set of footprints in the sand, it was his therapist that was carrying him all along." (Dan Lannin, Iowa State University)

"Body dysmorphic disorder affects men as well." (David Lynch, Northeastern University)

"Damn you, Freud!" (Terry Kenny, Stanford University)

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Sound Off

What's the worst thing to say at your dissertation defense?

Ben Campbell: "Why did this all print out in wingdings font?"

Panda Wells: "I'm not gonna lie, that part was completely copied and pasted."

Danielle Marie: "Wait, which one accounts for the relationship? Is that moderation or mediation?"

Debra Mynar: "Don't know; don't care."

Sabrinas Esbitt: "Great question — I'll let my stats consultant answer that."

Amanda Gutierrez: "Is this meeting really that important? No one is going to read that thing anyway."

Bridgid Conn: "So, the results were significant. I don't know what that means, but p < .05!"