September 2012 | gradPSYCH

Vol. 10 No. 3
What predicts grad school success?

On the Cover: What predicts grad school success?

Jack Stark helps NASCAR drivers and pit crews (credit: Evan Richman)


Gear head

Jack Stark helps NASCAR drivers and pit crews stay focused on winning.

Immigration nation

Six common pitfalls to avoid when conducting research and designing interventions for recent transplants to the United States.

Back row: Dr. Ana Bridges, Carlos Ojeda, Dr. Timothy Cavell, Freddie Pastrana and Arthur Andrews. Front row: Samantha Gregus, Bianca Villalobos and Debbie Gomez (credit: Beth Hall)


Pioneers of integrated care

Meet six psychology students who, thanks to the Graduate Psychology Education program, are learning cutting-edge techniques to bring mental health care to underserved people.

Moving mountains

Activist and psychology student Paige Cordial studies how coal mining affects the people of Appalachia.

Facing challenges, old and new

APAGS's newly elected officers pledge to solve the internship crisis and advocate for science.

Take sleep seriously


Take sleep seriously

Most psych students get two hours or less of training and lectures on the topic of sleep.

Psychology's tall tales

Take a closer look at the tales of Kitty Genovese and Phineas Gage.

Trim your internship expenses


Trim your internship expenses

Five ways to keep from breaking the bank when applying for an internship.

Primary-care training


Internships in primary care

If you're interested in working alongside physicians to improve people's physical and mental health, one of these internships might be right for you.