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A new APAGS member benefit is in the works: a journal tentatively titled Translational Issues in Psychological Science that will give students the opportunity to serve as both editors and reviewers.

Approved by APA's Council of Representatives in February, the new publication will be APA's first journal on translational issues and will explore how psychological research relates to real-world problems. The journal will go out to all APAGS members as a membership benefit when it launches in the next two or three years.

Each issue will feature review articles with multiple perspectives on a single topic. An issue on sleep, for example, might include an article on how learning occurs during sleep, whether the educational system needs to change to reflect children's sleep patterns and sleep's effect on emotions. Instead of detailing a single study, the journal will ask scientists to opine on entire lines of research, says Nabil El-Ghoroury, PhD, associate executive director of APAGS. "They might reference four to 10 studies they've done and how those have impacted their theories," he says.

In addition to offering an in-depth look at important topics, the journal will help students get the editing and reviewing skills they will need as full-fledged scientists, El-Ghoroury says.

"One of the big things psychological scientists do is review articles and eventually become journal editors," says Megan Smith, a cognitive psychology grad student at Purdue and chair of the journal working group. "The APAGS Science Committee wanted to create a large mechanism for students to learn how to do those things."

The working group is now searching for a senior faculty member to serve as editor-in-chief and is recruiting APAGS members to serve as editors and reviewers. To get involved, email Smith.

—Rebecca A. Clay