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Psychology graduate students can help shape the future of health care by joining the APA Practice Organization now for membership beginning in 2013. For just $20 in addition to APAGS dues, students can contribute to the group's many activities on behalf of professional psychologists, including protecting Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for psychological services, supporting class-action lawsuits against managed care organizations and advocating for legislation that supports psychologists and their clients.

"Opening up APAPO membership to grad students sends a bold message that emerging psychologists are critical to the success of our field," says Ali Mattu, PhD, an APAPO board member and past chair of APAGS, who advocated for the opportunity.

Joining APAPO brings a variety of benefits, including Good Practice magazine and the PracticeUpdate e-newsletter, and access to online resources for professional psychologists, including licensure and professional mobility information and tips for starting a thriving private practice. But most important, joining APAPO allows students to keep abreast of — and weigh in on — legislation that will shape health care for decades to come, Mattu says.

"As we prepare for monumental legislative changes to our health-care system, I can't think of a better resource for the next generation of practicing psychologists than the APAPO," he says.

—Sadie Dingfelder