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What's the worst reason to go to psychology grad school?

Amar Kaur: "So people will call you doctor."

A. Leah Zulas: "Because you can't get a job with a bachelor's in psych."

Holly Doolin: "To make a lot of money."

Katie Kavanaugh: "To help yourself."

Dovid Brownstein: "Because you meant to study physiology and misread the title in your school's academic catalog."

Lorena Colon: "Because you're a good listener."

Margarita Garcia: "To not have to pay back your student loans for another few years."

Grad school confessions

We asked students at APA's Annual Convention to share their funny stories. Here's what they said:

"I accidentally hit ‘reply' instead of forwarding an email to my friend in which I said some really bad things about my program director. His secretary forwarded it to him and he responded with a simple, ‘Thanks for the feedback.'"

"I once wrote an email to my supervisor and mistakenly opened it with, ‘Dear Mother.' What made it worse was the 30 minutes of psychoanalytic processing we had to do the next time I saw her."

"After I had worked hard in a group presentation, just months after graduating from my master's program, my advisor wrote in my evaluation that I should go into drama. So much for being a psychologist."

Caption contest

Rat in maze caption contest"I wonder if this is what grad school feels like?" (Jeremy Burman, York University)

"Rats!" (Mark Price, Xavier University)

"Hmmm ... I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque." (Dianne Palladino, Carnegie Mellon)

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