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If you could change one thing about psychology graduate school for the next generation, what would it be?

  • Ay Griff: "Improve the quality of communication between faculty and students."

  • Sara Yui: "Increase the priority of wellness and self-care."

  • Keith Milstead: "Easier access to practicum and internship sites."

  • Catherine Huffman Reynolds: "Drop the internship requirement and offer commensurate clinical training through a program's own local partner sites."

  • Ana L. Clavell: "Better overall knowledge of job prospects compared to total debt."

  • Christine Bachman: "Better mentoring."

  • Mariusz Cathers: "Require gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender and gender-non-conforming students."

  • Emily Randall: "More emphasis on applied psychology for nonclinical students and more focus on techniques and skills employers want today."

  • Jasmine Metellus: "Better mentoring and support for minority students."

  • Jonathan Blasberg: "Two words: Robot supervisors."