Sound Off

If you were to create a grad school survival kit, what items would you include?

  • Matthew Arnold: "Coffee, coffee and maybe some more coffee."

  • Stacie Bigelow: "Orientation and training sessions for family and friends. Meditation training for students."

  • Bridgid Conn: "A clone: It would be so helpful in terms of being as productive as everyone seems to think you should be, while also maintaining a life … what's that?"

  • Jor-El Caraballo: "Nice affirmations that you could post on mirrors, doors, etc., to help with those especially rough days/weeks."

  • Sara L. Bagley: "An amazing faculty mentor. One that knows when to push you and when to encourage you."

  • Jonathan Blasberg: "Undergrad repellant (for TA office hours)."

  • Karen Lynn Fox: "Goup therapy with a mix of new and experienced students to help each person … realize that they are not alone."

  • Susanne Drott Smith: "Wine."

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