November 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 4

Feel like a fraud?

COVER PACKAGE: Feel like a fraud?

  • Feel like a fraud?

    Many graduate students question whether they are prepared to do the work they do. Here's how to overcome that feeling and recognize your strengths.

Daniela Ligiero, PhD(credit:Lloyd Wolf)


Putting psychology in policy

Psychologist Daniela Ligiero advises U.S. government initiatives to fight HIV/AIDS globally.

For the 2013/2014 school year, gradPSYCH will follow four students as they navigate the path from proposal to defense and beyond


Dissertation diaries

Four students narrate the ups and downs of their dissertations through video diaries.

Why me? Why now?

When a medical emergency strikes in grad school, juggling health care and classwork can take a physical, mental and academic toll.

Crushed by debt?

APA and APAGS are working to help graduate students with huge student loan debts.

Just say no

Students often try to make themselves look good by taking on more than they can handle — even though doing so can backfire.

Six experts offer advice on how to approach your dissertation


Help! My dissertation has taken over my life.

Six experts offer advice on how to approach your dissertation without giving up your friends, family or sanity.

Kathleen Corriveau, EdD


APF grantee explores who children trust

Preschoolers behave similarly to adults when faced with consensus information that is in conflict with their own perceptions.

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