Sound Off

Complete this sentence: You know you're a psychology grad student when ____________.

  • Ron C. Bean: "You reward yourself for getting caught up on course reading by treating yourself to thesis article reading."
  • Juliette Galindo: "You use your CBT skills on yourself whenever you're feeling overwhelmed with class/research/clinical responsibilities!"
  • Thomas Grinley: "You're reading the DSM IV and the DSM 5 side by side."
  • Amur Kaur: "You're never quite sure it's OK to tell people what you do, and you can't count to 10 describing your dissertation topic before their eyes glaze over."
  • LoriAnne Page: "You work on the front lines of human suffering doing whatever you can do to help out for free."
  • Aura Poločenkaité:: "You start sentences with ‘I've read this article that…'."
  • Katy Shaffer: "Your dissertation IRB and internship applications aren't complete, you are stressed … and you're on Facebook!"
  • Sais Singh: "You have more subjects than friends … and the friends you have don't know they're subjects."