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Are you a student who wants to develop a specialty but haven't yet decided what it is? If so, the country's main psychology credentialing body, the American Board of Professional Psychology, or ABPP, can help.

ABPP's early-entry program lets students begin banking their credentials immediately, which they need to do for licensure and certification anyway. So, even if you're unsure of your specialty direction, this option, for $25, keeps your information in one place, prevents you from having to hunt for documents later, and allows you to waive the initial ABPP application fee when that time comes.

The ABPP offers the following certifications in psychology: clinical child and adolescent psychology, clinical health psychology, clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, cognitive and behavioral psychology, counseling psychology, couple and family psychology, forensic psychology, group psychology, organizational and business consulting psychology, police and public safety psychology, psychoanalysis in psychology, rehabilitation psychology and school psychology.

In addition, the American Board of Geropsychology is in the process of becoming fully affiliated with ABPP, and a group of psychologists interested in establishing a board certification process for sleep psychology also is in communication with ABPP.

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