Shaping the future of doctoral training

APA's Commission on Accreditation has proposed revisions to its standards of accreditation, which govern accredited doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs. The commission is accepting public comments through July 7. As the largest constituency group representing students, APAGS has formed a working group to comment on these standards to ensure they promote high-quality graduate training. You, too, can make comments.

Educating students, educators and others about the internship crisis

In March, APAGS committee members filmed a video that gives an overview of the internship imbalance (see related article on page 6) and is a call to action to find more solutions. APAGS plans to use this video as part of its advocacy efforts to increase awareness of the problem, which greatly affects students in clinical, counseling and school psychology training programs.

Progress on our journal

The APAGS Science Committee finalized training protocols and established editorial teams for an APAGS-sponsored journal, Translational Issues in Psychological Science, which will debut early next year as a benefit to APAGS members. Each issue of TPS concentrates on a single theme in translational science of broad interest to scientists, practitioners and the public. Articles are co-written by senior scientists and student authors, and students serve on the editorial board. You can view our call for papers.

Local workshops for prospective graduate students

APAGS staff co-led three workshops with the Education Directorate at APA's headquarters over the last several months. The workshops guided undergraduates and prospective graduate students on how to apply to and afford graduate school, prepare for interviews and decide which programs are the best fit for them. APA is now planning to make videos of several workshop segments available online and to train our campus representatives to deliver aspects of this material to their undergraduate peers.

Increased interest in APAGS grants

This winter, APAGS received over 200 applications — a record number — for its Basic Psychological Science Research Grant, which allots thousands of dollars toward innovative projects. Learn more about funding opportunities.

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Let us know what you think

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