Sound Off

Fill in the blank: If I'm really procrastinating, you'll find me. . . .

  • Paul Wozniak: "Eating."

  • Marisa Moore: "Pretending to be productive by cleaning my entire apartment or clearing out my email inbox."

  • Josh Harrison: "Facebooking."

  • Ria Setriani: "Staring at wall, making plans."

  • Vincent Ciacco: "If I'm really procrastinating, you won't find me!"

  • Mariusz Cathers: "Sleeping or working out, rationalizing that I'm doing self-care."

  • Holly Dee: "Watching trash TV and avoiding eye contact with my laptop. Its little blue battery light blinks at me accusingly as I studiously avoid my dissertation with every skill I ever learned as a student."

  • Tash Bot: "Stumbleupon."

  • Yunike Balsa: "On Tumblr."