Web Exclusives

Ever listen to a scientist drone on a little too long? Well, that's guaranteed not to happen at the "Data Blitz," Saturday, Aug. 18, at 11 a.m., at APA's 2007 Annual Convention in San Francisco. The session requires presenters to explain their research findings in just two minutes.

APA's Science Student Council (SSC), which organized the session, will be strictly enforcing the time limit, possibly with a gong, says Janet Tomiyama, SSC chair. The session gives students a chance to present before a live audience, she says.

"Many graduate students do posters, but to get up and give a talk is a totally different thing," Tomiyama notes. The speakers were picked from a group of 60 students nominated by 30 APA divisions, and they encompass a range of research topics, including prison recidivism, statistical methods and primate temperament.

One of them, Alison America, a clinical psychology student at the University of Hartford, will share her findings on whether vitamins can alleviate depression. In addition to showing two slides, she may also bring in samples of the pills and placebos from her study--but not if they take too long to pass around.

"Brevity is the name of the game here," America notes.

-S. Dingfelder