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Regional psychological associations are gearing up for the 2008 annual meetings, which start in March and continue throughout the year. These conferences offer many opportunities for students to meet colleagues from other institutions and learn about cutting-edge research. Here's a sampling of what's to come:

Southeastern Psychological Association www.sepaonline.com

March 6-9, Charlotte, N.C.

John C. Norcross, PhD, will give the talk: "Let Your Life Speak: Teaching the Career Development Seminar."Diane F. Halpern, PhD, will lecture on "Women at the Top: How Powerful Leaders Combine Work and Family."Robert J. Sternberg, PhD, will give the address "Beyond the SAT, ACT and GPA: College Admissions for the 21st Century."Ruth S. Day, PhD, Duke University, will present "Everyday Cognition: Comprehension and Memory for Prescription Drug Information."Thomas R. Zentall, PhD, University of Kentucky, will present "Cognitive Dissonance in Animals? Implications for Social Psychology."Jacquelyn W. White, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, will give a keynote address on "'I Need a Drink': Trauma, Substance Use and Gender."

Eastern Psychological Association www.easternpsychological.org

March 13-16, Boston

Richard McNally, PhD, will speak on "Traumatic Stress and Its Effect on Memory."Howard Eichenbaum, PhD, will discuss the "Role of Hippocampus in Memory Formation."Scott Lilienfeld, PhD, will give a lecture on "The 10 Commandments of Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience in Psychology and Everyday Life."Robert Sternberg, PhD, will deliver the president's address, "Conventional Standardized Tests are So 100 Years Ago: New Approaches to Assessing Abilities and Achievement."Saul Kassin, PhD, will deliver the APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture on "Why Innocents Confess: Insights from the Psychology Research Laboratory." The meeting also offers a workshop on statistical methods and a full-day continuing-education session on issues relating to veterans returning from war.

Southwestern Psychological Association www.swpsych.org

April 3-5 Kansas City, Mo.

James H. Woods, PhD, will present a lecture on "Cocaine Esterase: A Start Toward Pharmacological Therapy of Cocaine Abuse."Chris Crandall, PhD, will present a lecture on "The Natural Psychological Advantage of Conservatism And The Status Quo."Ira Bernstein, PhD, is presenting an invited address on, "Depressive Symptomatology and Modern Psychometrics."Todd Little, PhD, will present, "Factorial Invariance."

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association www.rockymountainpsych.org

April 10-12 Boise, Idaho

Joan C. Chrisler, PhD, will present on "Socio-cultural Aspects of Menstruation and Menopause."Carol A. Tavris, PhD, will deliver a talk on "Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts."Stephen Suomi, PhD, will lecture on "Uptight, Laid-back, and Jumpy Monkeys."Donna M. Gelfand, PhD, will present "Why Does Control of Type I Diabetes Worsen in Adolescence? A Perspective from Developmental, Clinical, and Health Psychology."Guillermo Bernal, PhD, will present on "Cultural Adaptation in the Era of Empirically Based Psychological Practice: How the Two Can Tango."Traci Craig, PhD, of the University of Idaho, will give an address on "Stigma Scattershot: Understanding Prejudice Beyond the Target."In addition, Psi Chi, the American Association of Graduate Students, and APA will sponsor career workshops and sessions for students.

Western Psychological Association www.westernpsych.org

April 10-13, Irvine, Calif.

Peter Bentler, PhD, lecture on "Reflections on Structural Equation Modeling as a Research Method."Nora Newcombe, PhD, will present a talk on the "Uses and Abuses of Evolutionary Psychology."Shana Levin, PhD, lecture on "The Diversity Challenge: A Longitudinal Study of Interethnic Contact in College."Albert Bandura, PhD, will present "On Reducing Pressing Global Problems by Psychosocial Means."Diane Halpern, PhD, will discuss "Women at the Top: How Powerful Leaders Combine Work and Family."Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, will present "False memories look a lot like true ones."Richard Thompson, PhD, will present on "Sex, Stress, and Memory."Larry Steinberg, PhD, will discuss "The Truth About Youthful Recklessness."Stanley Sue, PhD, will present "The Research Basis for Culturally Competent Psychotherapeutic Interventions."WPA will also offer several statistical and methodological workshops.

Midwestern Psychological Association www.midwesternpsych.org

May 1-3, Chicago

MPA will feature psychology notables including Robyn Dawes, PhD, of Carnegie Mellon University and John Bargh, PhD, of Yale University. Henry L. Roediger, III, PhD, of Washington University St. Louis will present the Distinguished Scientist Lecture sponsored by APA's Science Directorate. R. Scott Tindale, PhD, of Loyola University Chicago will present the MPA Presidential Address.

New England Psychological Association www.nepa-info.org/

Oct 24-25, Bristol, R.I.

NEPA is still in the planning stages for its annual meeting in the fall at Roger Williams University in Bristol. Among the featured speakers will be Renee Baillargeon, PhD, presenting APA's Distinguished Scientist Lecture sponsored by APA's Science Directorate, and Ruth Striegel-Moore, PhD, who won the 2008 NEPA Distinguished Contributions Award.

Psi Chi will sponsor a series of programs for students, and APA's Publications Board will present a "how-to" panel. The NEPA meeting is preceded on Oct. 24 by the New England Conference for Teachers of Psychology featuring Bill Buskist, PhD, and Wayne Weiten, PhD, as keynote speakers. Awards are given in both meetings for outstanding posters and papers by students and professionals.