Web Exclusive

Deciding which of the hundreds of psychology graduate programs is right for you just got easier. APA's Graduate Study in Psychology provides comprehensive information on 536 psychology programs in the United States and Canada - including their admission rates, tuition costs and areas of emphasis, says Caroline Cope, an APA research officer who oversaw the new version's content.

"Everything is right there, and it gives you all of the information about what you need to get into grad school and what you can expect when you get there," she says.

Graduate Study is available in print and online. The online version provides prospective grad students with two new tools to aid their search, Cope says. They are:

  • A program emphasis search. "If you're interested in educational psychology programs, health psychology programs or marriage and family therapy programs, for instance, the online version allows you to search for only those programs," Cope says. 

  • A "compare-and-contrast" feature that lets you simultaneously examine up to five programs. "Users can see exactly what tests and scores are required for admission as well as assess their competitiveness with programs that interest them," Cope says.

You'll also find links to information on programs' internship match rates and postgraduate employment — key data for prospective students, experts say.

"We hope that these recent changes to 'Graduate Study in Psychology' will make it even easier to use and a more valuable resource for potential graduate students," Cope says.