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APAPO is a separate organization that promotes the professional interests of practicing psychologists in all settings.

Get involved

In large part because of the active involvement of psychologists and other health-care professionals, President Obama signed historic health-care reform legislation into law in March, 2010.

Together we can now help craft a health-care system that treats the whole person--mind and body--in an integrated way. You have an important role to play in this effort.

Your elected officials in Congress and the executive branch and their staff want to hear from you, their constituents. That’s especially important given your knowledge and experience of health care.

How can you help move health-care reform forward?

Stay in contact with your lawmakers

Share your ideas with members of Congress and their staff. Suggest ways to implement the new health-care reform law. Draw from your own experiences with existing state or local service delivery systems.

Use APA's online congressional directory to find your members. Before you contact them, review APA's how-tos for federal advocacy and tips for communicating with elected officials.

You can also sign up to become part of APA's Public Policy Advocacy Network. You'll receive alerts when your involvement can make a critical difference.

Monitor the Obama Administration’s health-care reform initiatives

Learn more about federal agency efforts to implement key provisions of the new health-care reform law at's Implementation Center. There you'll find information on regulations, authorities and requests for comment. also connects consumers with information and resources to access high-quality, affordable coverage.

Meet the press

Submit an op-ed to your local newspaper or an online publication. See APA's tips for writing a letter to the editor or op-ed.

For background information, consult the briefing sheets on this site's home page. For inspiration, read this Washington Post op-ed by an APA member.

Going to be interviewed? APA's tips for conducting media interviews can help you get your message across effectively.

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