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APAPO is a separate organization that promotes the professional interests of practicing psychologists in all settings.

Psychology and health-care reform

Since the mind and body are inextricably linked, health-care reform efforts shouldn't divide the two. After all, behaviors like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise play a key role in diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other serious health problems. As part of a health-care team, psychologists can help patients make lifestyle changes that last. And as researchers, they can help develop effective treatments.

A welcome from APA's CEO

Dr. Norman B. Anderson
Norman B. Anderson, PhD

Welcome to APA’s special health-care reform site.

Here you'll find the latest on APA’s priorities, positions and federal advocacy initiatives related to developments in Congress and the Executive Branch and learn more about psychology’s critical role in addressing the mind-body connection in health and mental health disorders. I encourage you to contact the government relations office of APA and the APA Practice Directorate (APAPO) to discover ways in which you can get involved in our ongoing initiatives related to health-care reform. Your voice on behalf of psychology and the individuals we serve adds vital strength to APA’s and will echo in the halls of Congress and the White House for years to come.

Download APA's health-care reform priorities.