APA International Learning Partner Program

Travel to Cuba with APA International Learning Partner Program

Travel to Cuba with APA International Learning Partner Program Save the date:
Attend the Hominis2016 Conference in Havana, Cuba, May 9-13, 2016. 
Organized by the Cuban Psychology Association, Hominis2016 will be held in the Havana Conference Center. Travel to the conference with an APA-organized trip, May 6-15, that will include attending the conference, meetings with psychology colleagues and learning about psychology and the Cuban health care system. Details of the trip, including itinerary, activities and costs, will be available April 2015.
For further information, email the Office of International Affairs.   


Initiated in 2012, the APA International Learning Partner Program is designed to promote an understanding of psychology and psychological issues in countries outside the United States. The program advances these goals through international collaboration in research, education and scholarship.

Past Programs

Past Programs

In partnership with Professionals Abroad, (2012 and 2013) and Common Ground (2014), APA sponsored professional visits to Cuba, which has traditionally been less accessible to travel and exchange. Program participants traveled as a group, met with psychology organizations, faculty, service providers and researchers, visited university, community and clinical settings and participated in cultural activities.

  • Cuba 2014: A group of psychologists led once more by 2012 APA President Suzanne Bennett Johnson, travelled to Cuba to learn about the Cuban health system and participated in the 7th International Congress on Health Psychology — Psychohealth 2014, organized by the Cuban Society for Health Psychology.
  • Cuba 2013: Led by Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD, participants met with Cuban colleagues to discuss major health issues and psychology's unique role in health care and health education in Cuba. The program included one "mini-conference" day with presentations and exchange with Cuban psychologists on research/application topics. For more about this visit, see APA sponsors second professional visit to Cuba.
  • Cuba 2012: A group of 16 psychologists travelled to Cuba with program leader Carol Goodheart, EdD, to explore models of psychology education and training, and mental health systems in Cuba. The program report (PDF, 687KB) includes a summary of each meeting, personal/cultural highlights of the visit, outcomes and next steps. This program was eligible for CE credit.