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APA Offers Rich International Programming at Convention

The theme of the convention, “Building Bridges, Expanding Horizons: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives,” is carried forward in a rich selection of symposia, conversation hours, papers, posters and social events.

By Sally Leverty

This year’s APA convention will be better than ever before for those interested in international issues and international programming. The theme of the convention, “Building Bridges, Expanding Horizons: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives,” is carried forward in a rich selection of symposia, conversation hours, papers, posters and social events.

APA's President, Sharon Stephens Brehm, has made international outreach a central part of the convention by inviting the presidents of national psychology associations to attend as her honored quests. They will be speaking to the convention at a symposium/roundtable on Saturday, August 18 at 10:00-11:50 in Moscone Center, room 2001. The title of the presentation is “International Perspectives on Psychology’s Emerging Issues: A Roundtable with Presidents of National Psychology Associations from Around the World”. Dr. Brehm will moderate and J. Bruce Overmier, President of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPSyS) will be discussant. This promises to be a lively and broad reaching session!

APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) is co-sponsoring a two-hour symposium on “Geopolitical and Humanitarian Role of Psychologists in Darfur: A WCAR Case Study.” The symposium will include a showing of the documentary “The Lost Boys of Sudan” and will feature commentary by a member of APA’s UN team, a Congressperson (invited), and members from APA’s Committees on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) and Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA). The symposium was developed by CIRP and CEMA and is co-sponsored with the CEMMRAT2 Task Force and Division 45. It will take place Sunday, August 19 at 2:00-3:50 pm in Moscone Center, rooms 232 and 234.

Along with the Policy and Planning Board, CIRP is also co-sponsoring a symposium organized by APA’s UN team on “Global Aspects of Violence: Focus on the UN”. This symposium will explore how UN programs and activities address violence and will outline the opportunities for bringing a psychological perspective to these programs. It will take place on Saturday, August 18, 12:00-1:50 pm in Moscone Center, room 220.

Last but not least, CIRP will hold its 49th reception for international visitors on Sunday, August 19 from 5:00-5:50 p.m. at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel, Yerba Buena Salons 13 and 14. Division 52 and the International Council of Psychologists will join CIRP to co-host this annual event.

Each year the scholars honored by APA with awards for their outstanding contributions to psychology are invited to give plenary talks. This year, there are co-recipients of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Psychology. Frederick Leong, recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Psychology on “Cultural Accommodation as a Metaphor and a Method” (Saturday, August 18 at 10:00-10:50 a.m. in Moscone Center, room 222) and Ruben Ardila will discuss “The Nature of Psychology: A Global Perspective" (on Sunday, August 19 at 3:00-3:50 p.m. in the Moscone Center, room 222). International Humanitarian Award winner Gerard (Jerry) Jacobs, will speak about the “The Development and Maturation of Humanitarian Psychology” (at 12:00-12:50 pm on Saturday, August 18 in Moscone Center, room 224).

Divisions have also put together a large number of international programs. Division 52, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has a full set of regular programming, supplemented by two days of additional events in its hospitality suite (see listing, this issue). Complete information will be available from a booklet published annually by the Office of International Affairs that lists both convention programming with an international theme, and all international presenters.

Some Division sessions of particular note include:
Friday, August 17:
Symposium: Family Psychology Around the World
Moscone Center, Second Floor-West Building, Room 2008, 2:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.

Chair:  Florence W. Kaslow
Participants:  Ruth Casabianca (How Family Therapy Developed in Argentina); Chana Winer (Family Therapy in a Time of Terror); Victor Ruiz- Velasco (Integrated Multicultural Family Therapy: Mexico City Style); Wencke J. Seltzer (Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Paradigms in Norweidan Family Therapy)
Discussant:  Florence W. Kaslow
Divisions: 43, 1, 8, 12, 17, 37, 42, 45, 52

Saturday, August 18:
Symposium: Cutting Edge International Approaches to HIV/AIDS
Moscone Center, Second Floor-West Building, Room 2011, 8:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.
Co-chairs:  Janet St. Lawrence and John R. Anderson
Participants:  Stephen L. Schensul (Culturally Based Intervention Models to Reduce Sexual-Risk Behavior for Married Men in Urban India); Jeffrey D. Fisher (Linking HIV Prevention With Clinical Care in South Africa); Li Li, Zunyou Wu, Sheng Wu (HIV Related Stigma and Health Services in China: A Road Map for Future Interventions); Jeffrey A Kelly, Yuri A. Amirkhanian (Tailoring the Delivery of HIV-Prevention Interventions Using Modalities Culturally Appropriate for International Populations: The Example of Social Network Approaches)
Discussant: Willo Pequegnat
Divisions: 38, 1, 17, 18, 27, 29, 35, 52, 55

Sunday, August 19:
Symposium: International Opportunities for Psychologists and Psychologists-in-Training
Moscone Center, Third Floor-West Building, Room 3004, 12:00-1:50 p.m.
Co-chairs:  Nadia T. Hasan and Frederick T.L. Leong
Participants: Mark M. Leach, Frederick T.L. Leong (International Opportunities in Psychology: Using the SWOT Analysis); Michael J Stevens (Facilitating International and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The International Psychology Information Clearinghouse); Thema Bryant-Davis (Role of Psychologists and Graduate Students at the United Nations); Nadia T. Hasan, Amina Mahmood (International Learning Opportunities: Recommendations for Graduate Students)
Discussants:  Raymond D. Fowler, Merry Bullock
Sponsors: APAGS, 52, 16, 17, 22, 27, 29, 55, APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists

Monday, August 20:
Symposium: Improving Psychology Teaching and Learning Through International Experiences and Collaborations
Moscone Center, East Mezzanine-South Building, Room 224, 9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.
Chair:  Sherri N. McCarthy
Participants: Claudio S. Hutz (Developing Collaborative University Partnerships to Enhance Cultural Understanding); Victor N. Karandashev (Understanding Teaching Practices From Many Countries to Improve Psychology Instruction); Ernesto Alvarez (Networking Through International Conferences and International Organizations to Improve Teaching)
Discussant:  Francisco Vasquez
Division: 2

Visitors to convention will also want to be sure to visit the International Affairs Booth at the APA Resource Center. The booth will be open the same hours as registration. Ψ