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British Psychological Society Welcomes Visitors

The Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society will take place in Dublin, Ireland (2 - 4 April 2008) and feature keynote speakers talking about the science of well being, challenges for a global development psychology, the orgin of concepts and many more topics.

Psychology International (November-December 2007)

The meeting at the APA convention last summer of the presidents of psychology associations around the world raised a host of interesting ideas about current and future directions for psychology. It also provided an opportunity for the presidents of national psychology organizations to meet in each others' home settings, rather than at the international or regional congresses where they assume a more formal role as delegates to deliberating bodies.

The meeting of presidents, and interest in discussing issues common to national associations, led to the formation of a desire to foster more discussion and opportunities to meet. Next year's Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society will provide one such opportunity. The conference, to be held in Dublin, Ireland (2 - 4 April 2008) will be the first time the BPS conference has been held 'offshore'. The BPS is working closely with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) to ensure a top notch conference.

The conference (for more information see will feature a range of keynote speakers talking about the science of well-being (Daniel Kahneman, Princeton), challenges for a global developmental psychology (Christine Liddell, Ulster); disaster, crisis and trauma psychology (William Yule, Institute of Psychiatry), the origin of concepts (Susan Carey, Harvard), therapy and the National Health Service (Lord Richard Layard, London School of Economics) and attention and self-awareness (Ian Robertson, Trinity, Dublin). An International Presidents' Round Table will be held to discuss how psychology organizations around the world can better work together to forward psychological science and its applications for the common good. Professor Pam Maras, the BPS's president, encourages broad participation at the Conference from colleagues from around the world. Ψ