Psychology International

A publication of the Office of International Affairs
May 2008 | Vol. 19, No. 2


APA and British Psychological Society Meet to Sign Memorandum of Understanding by Psychology International Staff

The group of presidents talked about priorities and many issues were raised during the meeting about crises across the globe and how psychology could play a role in alleviating world-wide ordeals.

Committee on International Relations (CIRP) Spring 2008 Meeting Highlights

Florence Denmark, lead APA representative to the United Nations, reported on APA’s activities at the U.N., including a discussion of “Psychology Day” at the U.N. Other topics discussed included CIRP strategic goals, presidential grand challenge initiatives, and APA’s role in international quality assurance.

Psychology Associations Challenge Mental Disorder Concept of Homosexuality

A number of psychology groups around the world are working to educate professionals and the public about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, to counter a conception that associates these with disease or illness, and to promote policies that affirm positive mental health in these populations.


  • Senior Director's Column: Psychology Then and Now
    The strong attention paid to multiculturalism in the US reminds psychology that there are vast cultural differences in meaning, value, and behavior that need to merit serious attention in our theories, models, and explanations.


  • How Can Students Become Involved in UN Work?
    Hundreds of students each year get international experience as UN interns for a semester or summer. Though the UN typically pays no salary, such internships are highly competitive, because the number of interested students far exceeds the strictly limited number of “badges” needed to enter UN premises.
  • Workshop on Publishing at the United Nations
    Experts working with the United Nations devote much of their time to talking or listening about timely issues, but their writing is typically limited to internal technical reports--so the publication of their work to a larger audience is a valued goal.




  • Psychology International--Announcements
    Call for Nominations/Grant Applications; APA Offers Travel Awards for APA Members to Attend International Conferences and for International Affiliates to Attend Convention. Deadline: Extended to June 1, 2008; Request for Proposals: 2009 Psychology Beyond Borders Mission Awards
  • Events and Newsletters
    Description of events including conferences, meetings, World Mental Health Day, and a call for articles for the InterAmerican Society of Psychology newsletter