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Division 52 Highlights an Array of Presentations at Convention

International boundaries are becoming increasingly permeable, and a greater understanding of the psychologies of people across the globe is essential to mutual understanding and all forms of progress.

By Lynn H. Collins, PhD

As President-elect of Division 52, International Psychology, I strongly believe that Psychology’s movement toward greater awareness of psychology internationally is critical. International boundaries are becoming increasingly permeable, and a greater understanding of the psychologies of people across the globe is essential to mutual understanding and all forms of progress. The Committee on International Relations in Psychology and Division 52 will no doubt play a role in facilitating this process.

Division 52 is reaching out to those interested in International Psychology. The officers and members of the division participate in meetings across the globe to share the information they have and to benefit from the contributions and ideas of others from across the world who attend these meetings. There are several venues through which Division 52 encourages fellow psychologists to share information about international Psychology. Division 52 provides programming on international research and clinical practice at the annual APA convention of course, but is also increasingly visible at the regional and additional national conferences.

As it has been doing for a few years now, this past Spring, Division 52 offered a series of presentations at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting in Boston. These included “Psychology at the United Nations: Past, present and future” by Harold Takooshian, PhD (chair and presenter), Neal S. Rubin, PhD, Janet Sigal, PhD, Inka Weissbecker, PhD, Lynda J. Carpenter, PhD, Elaine Bow, PhD, and Edwin Hollander, PhD, with Florence Denmark, PhD, and Ani Kalayjian, Ed.D., as discussants. In addition, a symposium entitled “The social psychology of political change” was presented by Gloria Gottsegen, PhD  (chair), Ting Lei, Ed.D., Ching-Tse Lee, PhD, Ina Lei, PhD, Kobi Skolnick, PhD, and Judy Kurianksy, PhD, with Michael Stevens, PhD serving as discussant. Meetings under consideration for future programming include the Multicultural Summit, the other regional psychological association meetings, and meetings encouraging international participation. Division 52 is also collaborating with other organizations, such as Division 17 (Counseling Psychology) the Social Psychology Network, and the International Society for Clinical Psychologists.

For the past few years the Division has had its own hospitality suite at the APA convention. We welcome you to join us in the suite for additional programming as well as social events, discussions, special meetings and awards ceremonies. In addition, this year sessions to be held as part of the main APA convention program include: “South Asian health and mental health – Three perspectives,” presented by Wade Pickren, PhD  (chair), Padmini Banerjee, PhD, Gaithri A. Fernando, PhD, and Yasmin N. Farooqi, PhD, and “Arab women in psychotherapy – Cases of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and United States,” by Brigitte A. Khoury, PhD (chair and presenter), Nora A. Pharaon, Ed.D., and Souha F. Nikowitz, PhD, with Julie A. Hakim-Larson, PhD, and Annabella Bushra, PhD, serving as discussants. These are only two sessions of many sessions in Division 52’s convention program, which offers other symposia, discussions, and poster sessions.

Division 52 also has several awards that recognize and reward leadership and contributions that enhance international psychological understanding. These include awards for outstanding international psychologists, books on international psychology, mentoring, and student research, all of which are designed to encourage excellence in international psychology.

If you are interested in additional information about this dynamic organization, please see the International Psychology web site: On the web site you will find information about Division 52’s mission, governance, and membership, but very importantly, you will find its state-of-the-art newsletter, The International Psychology Bulletin, edited by Senel Poyrazli, PhD, of Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg. Both the web site and the newsletter are invaluable resources, containing conference information, the hospitality suite schedule, awards, news, and new research:

We will look forward to seeing you at our events at the convention!