Call for Nominations/Grant Applications; Obituary: Chinese Psychologist, Professor Qicheng Jing, Dies at age 82; Hundred Talents Program Recruitment: Institute Of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Call for Nominations/Grant Applications

Obituary: Chinese Psychologist, Professor Qicheng Jing, Dies at age 82

A prominent Chinese psychologist, Professor Qicheng Jing, died 28 September in Beijing, China at age 82. Professor Jing was seminal in introducing Chinese psychology to the rest of the world, and was active in national, regional and international organizations. Please see for an obituary notice and condolences.

Hundred Talents Program Recruitment: Institute Of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Hundred Talents Program launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a talent initiative to publicly recruit outstanding young S&T talents within the country and abroad. All positions of the Hundred Talents Program positions are reserved for CAS Innovative Researchers. The appointment system will be adopted for the program, with the appointment term being four years as a rule. All enrolled candidates shall work full time.

Research Field and Number of Positions Open

  1. Cognitive aging and cognitive handicap (1 position)

  2. Children’s creativity and mental development (1 position)

  3. Social and cognitive development ( 1 position )

  4. Brain and mental healthy ( 1 position )

  5. Learning and memory ( 1 position )

  6. Economy and consume behavior ( 1 position )

II. Applicant Qualifications
For overseas Chinese:

  1. A doctoral degree;

  2. Under 45 years old;

  3. Four consecutive years’ experience in overseas scientific researches after receiving a doctoral degree;

  4. With the title of assistant professor or higher positions during overseas years;

  5. Having worked independently as the head or key member of a project team, with outstanding performance;

  6. Having published at least three significant articles on major mainstream publications, or mastered key technologies, or owned major invention patents etc.

III. Offer Package

Each enrolled candidate will be titled as professor, receive not less than RMB 700 thousand for research funding, along with research assistant and office premises. In addition to salaries, welfare benefits and medical care as required by the government, there are also such benefits as position allowances and housing subsidies. After 12 months for work in the institute, can applying for the funding from Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the support will be RMB 2 million. 

IV. Application information requirement

  1. Application form (in Chinese, download from the website mentioned below);

  2. Resume from two famous experts in the field;

  3. Curriculum vitae with statement of position applying for and contact information;

  4. Certification paper of position information taking in China or overseas.

  5. Catalog of published research papers in last five years (please give clear indication of first author and contact author), copies of 3 representative published papers and the certification paper of doctor’s degree.

For details, please contact:
Human Resource Offices
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
10 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100101
Tel: 86-10- 64877250
Email: Zhou Zhi-hong
Contact person: Zhou Zhi-hong
For more information, please see website: