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Division 52 Looks Ahead

Division 52’s initiatives range from efforts to build upon its successful collaboration with Eastern Psychological Association by holding Board meetings and offering sessions at other regional psychological association meetings, to the development of a journal and a CD about international psychology and adding a new section.

By Lynn H. Collins, PhD

Exciting Developments Within Division 52, International Psychology!

There are a number of exciting developments taking place within Division 52. These initiatives range from Division 52’s efforts to build upon its successful collaboration with Eastern Psychological Association by holding Board meetings and offering sessions at other regional psychological association meetings, to the development of a journal and a CD about international psychology and adding a new section.

International Psychology at the Eastern Psychological Association Meeting

Division 52 is continuing its strong relationship with the Eastern Psychological Association. Each year we organize a day of programming at their annual meeting. In past years we have also held a Board of Director’s meeting either before or, more typically, the Sunday after the EPA meeting. This has been cost effective since many of the Board members lived on the East Coast and regularly presented papers and posters at EPA. To see EPA’s international offerings, please see: Eastern Psychological Association. As we expand the geographical representativeness of both our Board and our membership, it makes sense to begin to meet at the other regional psychological conventions as well. To this end, we have slightly increased the travel stipend associated with Board positions. Our next step is to join forces with Western Psychological Association (WPA) in facilitating the spreading of international viewpoints on Psychology.

International Psychology 2009 Mid-Winter meeting to be held at the Western Psychological Association Convention April 23-26 in Portland, Oregon.

West of the Mississippi and interested in International Psychology? This year, Division 52 will be holding its Mid-Winter Meeting in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with Western Psychological Association’s Annual Convention. Some of the issues we will be covering though our programming include internationalizing both undergraduate and graduate curricula, international quality assurance issues, use of technology to enhance the internationalization of the curriculum, and current cross-national and cross-cultural research from around the world. The web site for the event is: Webmavens. We invite you to attend our Board Meeting on Sunday, April 26th if you would like to become more involved in the Division. You can also contact a committee chair by following the links on the web site.

We encourage psychologists and psychology students to submit proposals with international content to the WPA Convention. Division 52 will also be providing a series of sessions on International Psychology within our programming during the convention. If you would also like to present a paper or poster at WPA, submit your international proposals to WPA by their deadline, November 15, 2008. They offer online submission through Wese. Please pass this information along to others who also support international research and scholarship! Although my personal hope is that we can join WPA for their 2010 meeting in Cancun, Mexico, and follow up on collaboration and international membership expansion, that meeting will be planned by our 2010 President designate, Dr. Danny Wedding. At the very least, we hope to continue to encourage attendance at WPA Conventions, as well as encourage international submissions.

Division 52 Awards & Award-winning Members

This year the Division 52 Outstanding International Psychologist awards went to Ronald P. Rohner, PhD (US) and Ramadan A. Ahmed, PhD (non-US). The Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award was given to a group of co-authors. They are James Georgas, John W. Berry, Fons J.R. van de Vijver, Cigdem Kagitcibasi and Ype H. Poortinga, authors of Families across Cultures: A 30-Nation Psychological Study. Dr. Ellyn Kaschak was the recipient of the Denmark Reuder Award. Student members Jeanne Annan, Peter Yeomans, and Pizza Chow Kayee all received Student Awards of Excellence.

We are also proud to announce that two of our Board members, Dr. Norman Abeles, Michigan State University and Dr. Oksana Yakushko, University of Nebraska - Lincoln , were recipients of 2008 Presidential Citations. Dr. Abeles received the award for his numerous contributions to APA over the years, and Dr. Yakushko received the award for her work on human trafficking. The honor was bestowed upon Dr. Yakushko at a Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) session that was co-listed with Division 52. Dr. Yakushka’s session was entitled Human Trafficking of Women in Ukraine.

In terms of awards from other APA Divisions, Division 52 2010 President designate, Danny Wedding, PhD, M.P.H., received the distinguished 2008 Ernest R. Hilgard Award from Division 1 (Society for General Psychology). The Hilgard Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional lifetime contribution to the field of general psychology. Two of our Board members received awards from Division 17 (Counseling Psychology). Dr. Chalmer Thompson was the recipient of Division 17’s “Many Faces of Counseling Psychology” award at the 2008 International Counseling Psychology Conference. Dr. Joy Rice was named “Woman of the Year” by Division 17’s Section 2, Section for the Advancement of Women in Counseling Psychology.

Finally, I’d like to mention that Steve Quintana has a new book, co-edited with Clark McKown, entitled Handbook of Race, Racism, and the Developing Child (2007; New York: John Wiley & Sons).

Looking ahead to the 2009 APA Convention in Toronto, ON. The main 2009 Division 52 APA program will include sessions on international leadership/advocacy, international practice, and other international topics. We are also interested in co-listing sessions with other divisions. The Division 52 Hospitality Suite will serve as a venue for presentations and meetings as well. Please submit proposals through the APA website. Finally, we hope to move the pre-convention Board meeting to a time slightly earlier in the afternoon to reduce overlap with other division board meetings, if that is possible.

Co-listing APA Convention sessions with Division 52. Division 52 encourages mutual co-listing of convention proposals with international content. Co-listing does not involve any exchange in programming hours but rather allows relevant convention sessions to appear in both divisions’ listings in the online convention program. This year’s Division 52 program chair is Dr. Ayse Cifti of Purdue University. Our program co-chair is Dr. Janet Sigal, of Fairleigh Dickenson University. Please forward any accepted proposals with international relevance to them for consideration for co-listing.

The development of a journal on International Psychology. Division 52 is discussing the development of a journal that would share international perspectives on psychological topics. Dr Uwe Gielen has proposed that it begin as a paper bound periodical, which would most likely move towards an electronic format in the future, consistent with current trends in publishing. Dr. Danny Wedding, another Board member, is currently the editor of the journal formerly known as Contemporary Psychology, which he transformed into an electronic journal known as PsycCritiques. Electronic journals can entail a much shorter publication timeline than print journals. Some have suggested that the new international psychology journal be electronic from the start to facilitate the dissemination of international psychological theory and research in a timelier, more cost-effective manner.

Finally, the Division is circulating the very first draft of a DVD about International psychology primarily aimed at students for feedback. It is hoped that students viewing this DVD will see international psychology as more accessible and become involved in our division and APA.

International Society of Clinical Psychology (ISCP) becomes a section of Division 52. Current Division 52 President Uwe Gielen reported that a meeting was held with ISCP at the ICP in Berlin. Michael Stevens reported that Division 52 extended an offer to ISCP to become the first section of Division 52. ISCP accepted the invitation. By laws for each organization will need to be amended. A Division 52 committee will return to the Board with suggested by laws changes.

This was a brief overview of the many developments within Division 52. We hope that you will join us at the conventions, and invite you to our hospitality suite at the APA Convention. Ψ

Lynn H. Collins, PhD
President-elect, Division 52
Psychology Department
La Salle University
Philadelphia, PA 19141