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Update on Division 52: APA's International Division

Ongoing Division 52 projects include developing a new book series expanding the Wikipedia entry for “International Psychology.”

By Danny Wedding, PhD

New Officers and Committee Chairs: Division 52 has new officers effective January 1, 2009. They are as follows: Lynn Collins (President), Danny Wedding (President Elect), Uwe Gielen (Past President), Michael Stevens (Treasurer), and Neal Rubin (Secretary). Other officers include: Members-at-Large Gloria Gottsegen, Ann O’Roark, Harold Takooshian, and Richard Velayo; and Danny Wedding, who will continue as Council Representative until the end of 2009. The Division’s officers are supported by dozens of committee chairs and members, 162 Fellows, and international liaisons who come from Afghanistan to Yemen and almost everywhere in-between.

On behalf of the Division 52 Board, large thanks are owed to out-going President Uwe Gielen. Uwe has been an enthusiastic and committed President, and he represented the Division exceptionally well. Uwe lead a team of Division 52 members who attended and participated in the International Congress of Psychology held in Berlin during his presidential year.

Speaking of meetings, the Division’s 2009 Mid-Winter Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Western Psychological Association Convention April 23-26 in Portland, Oregon. The decision to meet with WPA reflects a conscious decision to reach out to psychologists who live in parts of the country other than the East Coast. This summer, many Division 52 members are planning to attend the 2009 Convention of the International Council of Psychologists which will be held July 3 - 8, 2009, in Mexico City. February 28 is the late submission deadline for submitting papers to this conference. Other members of the Division are making plans to attend the biennial Interamerican Congress of Psychology meeting of the Interamerican Society of Psychology (SIP) on June 28- July 2, in Guatemala City. Additional information about this meeting is available on the conference website.

Division 52 is engaged in many ongoing projects. A few to note are:

  • The Division is developing a new book series that will be published by Psychology Press, a division of Taylor & Francis. Manuscript proposals are now sought on all international topics, including cross-cultural research, teaching, practice, service, and advocacy. Special priority will be given to “international handbooks” and textbooks. For additional information, contact the series editors: Uwe P. Gielen, St. Francis College, and Harold Takooshian, Fordham University.

  • Several division members have been developing and expanding the Wikipedia entry for “International Psychology.” The work done to date can be reviewed by visiting the site.

Please visit the Division 52 home page which is available in translation in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English. Spending some time on the home page is probably the best way to get to know the Division. President Collins and all of the officers of the Division of International Psychology look forward to working with the APA Office of International Affairs and other individuals and groups committed to advancing international psychology during the coming year. Ψ