Division 52 update

Division 52 Update: APA's International Division

Several members of Division 52 have volunteered to speak to interested groups on international psychology.

By Danny Wedding, PhD

Division 52 is proud to announce the publication of the PSYCHE Speakers' Bureau. This is a listing of prominent psychologists (including many past presidents of the American Psychological Association) who are willing to give talks about their research or on various aspects of psychology. The Speakers' Bureau was supported by an APA Committee on Division-APA Relations (CODAPAR) grant and was developed by the Division of International Psychology working in collaboration with the Division of General Psychology (Division 1) and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2). The PSYCHE acronym stands for "Psychology Speakers You Can Hear Easily," and many of the individuals who have joined the speakers' bureau are willing to travel significant distances and speak for free or for a very modest honorarium. We anticipate that many of those individuals who have volunteered for the PSYCHE Speakers' Bureau will be giving talks to Psi Chi and Psi Beta groups around the country. The list of speakers can be downloaded.

Several members of Division 52 have volunteered to speak to interested groups on international psychology, and many of our members will speak for free if universities or psychological organizations in other countries are willing to at least partially defray travel costs. More information about the Speakers' Bureau is available at the Division 52 website.

The Division elected four new fellows in the Spring of 2009: Rivka Bertisch Meir, John C. Norcross, John L. Romano and Toshiaka Sasao. All four of these individuals have made significant contributions to international psychology, and we are pleased to welcome them as our newest Fellows.

The Division will sponsor a large number of presentations at the 2009 APA Convention in Toronto, and we will be working closely with the APA Office of International Affairs to make sure international psychologists are warmly welcomed and assisted if needed.

In addition to the Division's website, anyone interested in learning more about the activities of the Division of International Psychology is encouraged to visit the webpage that lists our monthly announcements.

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