Update on 52

Division 52 News

By Danny Wedding, PhD

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The leaders of Division 52 are busy preparing for their midwinter meeting to be held in Brooklyn, March 6-7 in conjunction with the Eastern Psychological Association convention, which meets March 4-7. The meeting will be held at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel. The keynote speaker for the EPA International Program is Stanford professor Phil Zimbardo.

Incoming President Danny Wedding is currently selecting committee chairs for 2010 and welcomes nominations and self-nominations from interested members. A list of Division 52 committees can be found on Division 52's website.

The division continues to work with APA to expand its Speaker’s Network. A free PDF listing and more details are available at APA Divisions.

We were pleased to note the recent selection of Melba Vasquez as APA President-Elect. Melba is a new Division 52 fellow. Other new fellows include Bernard Beins, Hector Betancourt, William Buskist, John Cacioppo, Wayne Camara, Bernardo Carducci, Joseph Juhasz, Kenneth Keith, Neil Lutsky, Rivka Bertisch Meir, John Norcross, John Romano, Michael Rumsey and Toshiaka Sasao. Anyone interested in becoming a fellow of Division 52 should consult Harold Takooshian.

Senel Poyrazli is stepping down as editor of the Division’s International Psychology Bulletin. Senel has done a superb job as editor, and the division deeply appreciates her good work. She will be succeeded by Grant Rich, PhD., a colleague with broad experience as a licensed social worker and massage therapist who received his PhD in deveopmental psychology at the University of Chicago in 2001. The division is also working with APA to select an editor for the division’s new journal, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, & Consultation.

The division is actively soliciting donations. Anyone interested in making a charitable bequest or other planned gift to the Division of International Psychology, contact Michael Stevens or at (309) 438-5700 or Lisa Straus at (202) 336-5843.