Division 52 Update

By Danny Wedding, PhD

2011 Election Results

The Division has elected new officers for 2011, and wishes to congratulate the following new members of the Division 52 Board: President-elect: Neal S. Rubin; Secretary: Ayse Ciftci; Members at Large: Joy K. Rice and Andres J. Consoli.

pi-dec-2009-div52-news2010 Award Winners

During the 2010 APA Convention, Division 52 conferred the following awards:

  • Outstanding International Psychologist Awards:
    International Psychologist: Maria del Pilar Grazioso, PhD
    US Psychologist: Oliva Espin, PhD

  • International Mentoring Awards:
    Florence Denmark, PhD, Raymond Fowler, PhD, Anthony Marsella, PhD

  • Florence L. Denmark/Mary E. Reuder Award:
    Ramasweami Mahalingam, PhD

  • Student International Research Awards:
    Daria Diakonova-Curtis, Alliant International University; Miriya Kholodova, Alliant International University; Joann Wright Mawasha, Wright State University; Reid Trotter, University of Missouri

Judith Gibbons Named First Editor of Division 52 Journal

Judith Gibbons, PhD, will be the first editor of International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, & Consultation, a new journal of Division 52–International Psychology. Gibbons received her doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University and is professor of psychology and international studies at St. Louis University. Her research interests include cross-cultural and cross-national studies of gender roles and adolescent development, acculturation processes in adolescents and their families, and the psychology of women.

She is the author (with Deborah Stiles) of The Thoughts of Youth: An International Perspective on Adolescents' Ideal Persons (Information Age Publishing, 2004). In other research, Gibbons has explored the diversity of adolescents who live in developing countries, particularly Guatemala. She is a former president of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research and the Vice President for North America of the Interamerican Society of Psychology.